Inicio Brand Ambassadors Happy to be on the cover of LATINA Magazine ⁠

Happy to be on the cover of LATINA Magazine ⁠


– Aug/2020 – #59 ! ⁠
Thanks to everyone at #LATINAMagazine for an awesome cover feature on me! ⁠
Repost : @latinamagazine1
A new issue of LATINA Magazine @latinamagazine1 is hot off the press and available for viewing and purchase. Remember, we ship internationally!⁠
Our special guest is the gorgeous Grace Barrejon @gracebarrejon a beautiful Chilean model, who lives between Ibiza and Miami, proud to show off an enviable figure at 42, entrepreneur, influencer and brand ambassador for @4quicom
Head to the link in our bio or the full articles and exclusive images:⁠
Creative Team⁠
Model: GRACE BARREJON @gracebarrejon
Photography: 1BIZA @1biza_com
Production: 4qui Team @4quicom
Hairdressing and Makeup: Néstor Salón Eco Ibiza @nestor.saloneco
Clothes and shoes: Front Line Ibiza @front_line_ibiza
Endorsement: @vasotijo
Location: Ibiza, Spain⁠
A publication of the Publicom Latina Publishing Group 2020 © @publicomlatina / Global CEO, Chairman, President, Founder & Editor in Chief Edward R Rueda @ceo.plpg
Feel free to DM or email us! ✉️ for more information!⁠
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All our paper is acid-free and FSC-certified, which means it’s from responsibly managed forests and verified recycled sources. Our publications are also recyclable, making it easy for consumers and the environment.⁠

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